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Masterpiece Hanaro Ampoule Serum Set

Sale price₩170,000

Anti-wrinkle and whitening functional cosmetics approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

Skin + Lotion + Essence + Ampoule + Pack function in one.

Wrinkle improvement + whitening + blemish + blemish + pore convergence + skin reduction function all in one.

Masterpiece Serum Lipstick, 3g cream included.


CLUB4070 Masterpiece Hanaro Ampoule Serum Set

Moisturizing ambulance ampoule serum that revives dry and crumbly skin with transparent concentrated nutrients


Characteristics of the skin after the age of 40

thick wrinkles

As the skin ages, the production cycle of skin cells slows down. As a result, thick wrinkles easily occur due to internal and external factors.

Age spots, melasma, blemishes, freckles

When menopause comes, the excessively produced melanin pigment is not discharged, so age spots, melasma, freckles, dark circles, and blemishes appear conspicuously.

dry skin

Collagen and oil formation decrease as estrogen production decreases. This causes skin dryness and itching.

slow cell production

As the production of new cells slows down, skin elasticity decreases, the skin thickens, and pores appear.

decreased hormones

After the age of 40, the imbalance of hormone secretion intensifies, resulting in physical and mental shock, as well as rapid aging phenomena such as frozen shoulders, reduced vision, age spots, and wrinkles.

skin color change

Changes in skin color due to transfer of melanin pigment and deterioration of blood flow appear.


Product features

wrinkle improvement

Contains adenosine, a raw material notified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for wrinkle-improving functional cosmetics . By formulating liposomes with excellent skin penetration, it improves skin elasticity and improves coarse wrinkles.


Composition Patent No. 10-0778903 Nano White Capsule S co-developed by Kolmar Korea and Club 4070 maximizes the whitening effect. Contains alpha-bisabolol and niacinamide, raw materials notified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for whitening functional cosmetics, and gives a whitening effect.

moisturizing, wrinkle

O/W & W/O combination oil protective film protects the skin for a long time. Aloe vera, burdock extract, linseed extract, and carrot callus culture extract soothe the skin.

plant stem cells

Contains vegetable stem cells (hydrolyzed soybean protein). Folic acid folic acid and EGF stimulate cell production.

hormone supply

Plant estrogens (pomegranate tree extract, kudzu root extract) are contained to supply hormones that are lacking in the skin.

color expressiveness

A classic serum lipstick with vivid color is included. Optimized powder dispersion of low-reflection oil and urethane coating powder provides the smooth texture and adhesion of serum and excellent durability of tint.

Core Ingredients

Core Ingredients


How to use

1. Apply in the morning/evening or before/after going out to prevent skin dryness and melanin pigmentation. Apply Masterpiece One Ampoule Serum first, then apply Masterpiece One Cream evenly with the palm of your hand. It is especially good to apply carefully around the eyes and neck.

2. Before going out, apply an appropriate amount of Masterpiece Cover Stick to the areas of blemishes that are difficult to cover, pat lightly so that there is no boundary between the skin tone and apply again. Then, according to your preference, apply the masterpiece serum lipstick along the lip line and fill in the inside of the lips.

3. CLUB4070 masterpiece hanaro cream/ampule serum is multi-functional and can be used independently, and it is better to adjust the amount applied according to the skin condition according to gender and season.


"Club 4070 turns skin that lacks hormones due to menopause into bright and elastic skin."


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