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Multifunctional all-in-one anti-aging cosmetic approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

Menopausal anti-aging cosmetics, Since 2011

Wrinkle improvement + whitening + melasma + pore convergence + skin relief function all in one

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CLUB4070 is a beauty & health care brand for those in their 40s and older.

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menopause and hormones


It refers to the 10-year period before and after menopause, and most women reach menopause between the ages of 45 and 55. Menopause is defined by WHO as the transitional period from the end of adulthood to old age, when the secretion of estrogen is lost and the ability to conceive is lost. Men have been thought to have no menopausal disorders, but testosterone begins to decline in their 20s and drops to half in their 50s, so even men in their 40s experience depression and loss of interest.

menopausal skin

Aging of the skin begins after the age of 20, and when menopause occurs after the age of 40, metabolism slows down rapidly, resulting in thick wrinkles such as neck wrinkles, as well as excessive production of melanin pigment. As a result, age spots, melasma, freckles, dark circles, and blemishes appear conspicuously. Therefore, preparation and prevention are of the utmost importance.

CLUB4070 masterpiece hanaro cream/serum

Prevents the transfer of melanin pigment, which intensifies after the age of 40, and performs a whitening function with a brightening effect, improving skin elasticity and improving thick wrinkles. Also, for skin lacking in hormones due to menopause, it contains phytoestrogens (pomegranate extract, kudzu root extract) and vegetable stem cells (hydrolyzed soybean protein) to make the skin bright and elastic.